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So, yesterday Amanda and I went to Borders and read up on veganism and also got caught up in the Post Secret books, too. But on our way out, we went by the clearance aisle and if you know me, you know I LOVE CLEARANCE! And if you know me . . . you also know that I love and collect Buddhas! Well, this lovely bank was marked down $10, and I snagged it for $4.98! I’ve been looking for a bank to house all of my change recently and nothing could have fit better than this one!

We stopped by Salvation Army too. Usually when I shop there (in St. Louis) I never find anything that I like. EVER. Except yesterday, I hit a goldmine. Moccasins for $.99!

AUTHENTIC rugby jersey! Since it’s an XL, I’m going to give it to Brett but I couldn’t leave it there. It was $1.99 and it’s usually around $60.00 at Reebok!

I also picked up a fleur de lis necklace and it’s got a locket on it. It was $1.99 and I took a picture of it but accidentally deleted it . . . so, maybe later :p

And I bought a bag for $.99, it’s an oval shape and it’s pretty business like. I love it! Except, I totally forget to take a picture of it.

And . . . last but not least . . .

The cat sweater! I love cats and I’ve been looking for one for ages now and I finally found one worth buying! 🙂

We’re going to Pella, IA today to see Monica and the kids, I’m excited!


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I haven’t had MUCH time to post since I’ve been in Ames, IA with my sister and brother-in-law for a few days now. I do admit, I could have stayed up and posted through all those late night sessions of ANTM, The Office, and you can’t forget The Next Food Network Star. But so far here’s how the week has gone:

Monday, my sister drove to Saint Louis and we went out to eat at Noodles & Co. And afterwards, we visited possibly the only Fro Yo in Missouri.

On Tuesday we drove to Iowa and finally arrived around 2pm, for breakfast we ate at Saint Louis Bread Co. (also known as Panera Bread) and we had waaaay too much tea to explain.

Yesterday, we went into downtown Ames and thrift shopped a bit. I left nearly empty handed, only finding one shirt at $5.50 and actually bought it. How I handled that is beeeeyond me. But we did eat at a good Thai kitchen although it probably did end up making us both feel sick to our stomachs later in the day.

Today it’s raining, so there really isn’t much to do but I’m guessing that we’ll find something!


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I’m thinking about starting a non-profit music organization where I book concerts (of all genres) and give the money to charity. Not just any charity but more along the lines of drunk driving prevention charities. I’m sure that it’s been done before but I’ve lost three people in the last 2 years due to drunk driving and I’M ONLY SIXTEEN.

It would probably be a huge hit in the St. Louis scene. The only thing is to get bands aware and interested . . . and to figure out how to get this started.

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This past week, I’ve been so incredibly busy that it’s almost not funny. I’m usually never this busy unless I’m working.

Monday I spent the night out (with the above) at the Cheesecake Factory and “The Awakening” sculpture. It was the first time that I’d met everyone, except Liz and needless to say, it was a pretty great night. I ordered the fresh strawberry shortcake from the Cheesecake Factory and it was TO DIE FOR. Liz was going to get fried macaroni, but they were out and it takes a long, long time to make so we decided to go back on Wednesday.

Tuesday, I . . . don’t even remember what I did . . . I’ll get back to you on that.

Wednesday! It was another exciting day with the crew. Liz and Chris picked me up and we went to “The Awakening” again. We met Alex there, took some pictures until a group of old people crashed the party and we left to go to the mall, since it’s air conditioned and everything.

Thursday was an eventful day with my mom and sister. We drove up to Troy, IL to see Matt’s grave and it was really . . . . plain. It looked like no one ever visited it. But we quickly fixed it by adding flowers and a basket and tons of notes. It’s still extremely hard for me to grasp the fact that he’s gone. RIP.

And, last but in no possible way least, the weekend has been incredible. Friday, the gang and I went to Petra’s around 6 or so. (FIRST. TIME. EVER! For me, anyways.) It was a chill, laid back atmosphere. I will definitely be back there soon. I also met a ton of people there. Carson was there again and I met Taylor, Sarah and Vajeed. Once we left; Liz, Chris, and I began a last minute road trip to Fort Atkinson, WI where we met up with our friend Joe. It was a long seven, almost eight, hour drive and almost getting lost. Almost running out of gas. And to arrive at his house around 3:30am, leaving at 4:00am, and then driving back home. It was almost like 14-16 straight hours in a tiny car with no sleep. We got back into St. Louis around noon and I made it home around 1:30pm. Since then it’d been quite uneventful.